Friday, April 2, 2010

The Future

     Today is my birthday!!! It's been one crazy year since my last one, I don't really know what is in store for me for the next. This year, I will complete my undergraduate degree, search for a new full time job and plan to move out on my own.
     It seems that, unlike some or many my age, I see these things as huge obstacles ready to trip me up and pull me down as soon as I approach them. I am faced with mountains of uncertainty: What if I don't find a good job? or even a crappy one? Where am I going to live? What if I haven't done enough these last few years of college to mean something to an employer, or even my parents?
     One thing is for certain, though. My generation, for all its flaws and self deserving attitudes, is flexible. And, as a member of this generation, I can take those risks and venture out into the unknown. So, as I get older and gain more responsibility, what is there to be afraid of? Opportunity? My pop culture professor said yesterday, "The hardest thing about writing is the beginning. You have to call the whole world into existence on your page." I have nothing but beginnings ahead of me and the hardest part is only to keep moving forward. I have done my best in school and work. I am creative. And I am ready for the future!

Happy Birthday, indeed!