Thursday, March 5, 2009

My quest into the 2.0

Recently, I enrolled in an international pr class at my university. This class has a component that requires students to interact on the internet as an international pr team. During this membership I have already diversified my social media. (I think I am the only one who calls social media Web 2.0. I read it somewhere and love the name, so I'm going to make it stick.)

So, although it is March, I am going to add one more resolution onto my 2009 todo list: Actively engage in and seek out social media. I have already added skype (actually a re-add), icq, and twitter (yes, I am the last person to add twitter!). I also have membership with linkedin, blogspot (obviously), facebook and myspace(which I sincerely believe is dying a slow painful death) but I am going to put more effort into linking all of my media into one social world.

Wish me luck!



Jimy said...

good luck!!