Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Social Media and Blog Resolutions

It has been more than a month since my last blog post. I have recently began reading Angela England's blog series 10 Habits of Successful Blogging, but how can I, in good conscience, read her blog and not put an honest effort into generating content for mine?

Therefore, I present to you my resolutions for 2010 (as pertains to social media)
1) post regularly
         I will post every Tuesday night, so look for my post on Wednesday mornings.
2) Become a more active participant in other blog comments.
         This was one of the assignments from the first habit
3) Spend more time on other networking sites OTHER than Twitter
         Each week I will focus on different social media platforms and report my progress.

This week I am going to concentrate on my profiles (I have three) and Google Wave.
If you want to see how I'm doing in between posts, you can follow me.

@AnjelleJanelle (Twitter)

And my three profiles are on the Social Fresh Community and Charlotte Communication Professionals

Happy (social) Networking!



Angela said...

Wonderful! I'm glad that you are already taking positive steps in your blogging efforts as a result of the 10 habits exercises! More to come so stay tuned.

I LOVE that you made your goals public. ;-) Nothing like some accountability, eh?

Angela <><