Friday, February 19, 2010

The World is My Oyster, Looking for My Pearl.

Happy HAPPO! Thanks to Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon for creating a wonderful day dedicated to Help a PR Pro Out. In honor of the first ever HAPPO day, I am dedicating my blog to say why you should help this young PR pro land a job.

1. Creativity - In today's society, everything is about branding and your company needs some one can generate fresh, new ideas and images in order to connect with your public and keep your organization from blending into the media clutter. In all of my school projects and in real world application, I have jumped at the chance to provide logos, colors, fonts and styles for a group or business to use.

2. Ingenuity - I keep a constant eye out for new media, and I am not afraid to look for new ways to showcase your brand. Social media is more than a hobby for me: it is critical to keeping your company relevant to your demographic. I understand that every organization does not need every social media platform, but I do believe I am the best one to help you decide which ones will best serve you.

3. Integration - For me, your organization is not only a business. It's part of an overall culture for those who consume your product or information. I pay attention to those details that an be applied to your publics' lives both online and away from the Internet.

4. Teamwork - I thrive in teams and groups. I enjoy the feedback and added insight that comes with working in groups. I can be accountable to meet not only the overall deadline when I work alone, but also the more frequent group-oriented deadlines.

As stated in my title, after graduation in May, the world will be open to me. I look forward to enjoying employment at your business, no matter if it is in Portland, Seattle, DC, New York City, or still at home in Charlotte.  You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn Profile and you can e-mail me at


Janelle Thomas